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Welcome, and thank you for visiting Small Valley Swans. SVS is a Family owned and operated Breeder, Sanctuary, and Rescue for various species of Swans. Small Valley Swans has over 20 years of successful experience in breeding, raising, and rescuing these beautiful creatures often considered to be the most elegant and prestigious of all waterfowl.

We at SVS strive to provide the highest standards of safety, healthcare, and treatment of our animals. Tucked away in the secluded small valley, SVS offers a peaceful refuge for our Swans to flourish and interact with one another, on an oversized family farm, free from the threat of habitat destruction, pollution and other predators.

Small Valley Swans is owned and operated by Ginger Margerum and her husband Tony. Ginger and Tony were both born and raised right here in Central Pennsylvania. Together they share a love for animals that extends beyond the average breeder. The Swans at our farm are only a part of the SVS family. The farm is also home to a variety natural wildlife including Turkeys and the Pennsylvania White Tail Deer. At SVS you will also find Horses, Emus, Chickens, our Parrot, and last but not least our German Shepard Ace.

We look forward to meeting you, and hope to share the experience that our swans have brought to our home. We hope that you enjoy the information and exceptional photography throughout our site.

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