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Mute Swans (cygnus olor)


Trumpeters (cygnus buccinator)


Australian Black (cygnus atratus)




A detailed personal knowledge and living condition assessment is the first step towards adopting a member of the Small Valley Swan family. Each possible candidate must demonstrate that he or she can and will provide a safe and healthy environment for the animal/animals.

Each adoption will require an adoption fee. The majority of the adoption fee offsets the cost of veterinary fees, farm maintenance, and the costs of raising our swans. The adoption fee will vary so please feel free to inquire regarding the specific breed and animal of your choice. You will find that our fee is significantly less than you have found from other breeders

DNA Certificates available upon request for a $20 fee.
Gender testing available upon request for a $25 fee.


Small Valley Swans offers sanctuary on a case by case basis to swans rescued due to habitat destruction, injury, poaching, and other dangerous situations depending upon the circumstances and location. If you have found or know of a swan in danger please feel free to inquire in regards to rescue services.


Shipping & delivery

Swans can be shipped from our farm to your home anywhere in the continental United States. The customer is responsible for any shipping costs which will depend upon the size of your shipment and the zip code it is being delivered to. Small Valley Swans can assure that all animals are prepared for shipping using the safest possible means to protect your new family member on the journey to your home.

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